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Hi! My name is Clarissa Ming English and I am a fitness trainer. I am also a wife, mother to a toddler girl, school psychologist, and vegan. My passion in life is to help individuals realize their potential; that each person has what it takes and I am just a vessel to get them there. My main purpose as a trainer is provide accessible training to all.

My commitment to fitness began in 2011. Sure, I was an athlete in high school and worked out now and then, but was inconsistent and never took my health seriously. I could barely run down the block, hated savasana (who hates resting?!), and never did a back squat. We all have to start from somewhere, right? I began working out with a trainer whom I continued with until moving in 2015. Along with being a beginner, I didn't have much money to spend on training, yet that trainer took me with what I could afford and gave me the tools I needed to fuel my motivation today. Today, I've run half marathons, practice yoga daily, and have back squatted almost double my body weight. I want to give back to others and allow each person the opportunity for the training they deserve. Let me be that person who fuels your fire or helps you to keep it burning.

I offer group fitness classes, all in the comfort of your own home. Classes have a specific focus- legs, glutes, upper body, full body, and let’s not forget a little cardio. Each workout is newly designed, to keep it fun, fresh, and your body guessing. Little to no equipment? I got you. We primarily utilize body weight, along with a set of hand weights and resistance bands.

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